David Capablanca

Host Of The Friendly Bear Podcast

David Capablanca is a podcast host and day trader. As a trader, David specializes in short selling and created The Friendly Bear Podcast in order to give bear market players a voice since there is little public representation of bear market players. While originally focusing on the niche of short sellers, the podcast expanded to include top industry professionals in the space.

Listen To Top Traders From Around The World

The Friendly Bear Podcast started from an idea of interviewing traders at the trading offices of TradeSpace in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The podcast quickly grew from audio only into both audio accompanied by YouTube videos. The podcast now features top traders and market participants from around the world; both short and long. These participants include noted financial book authors, traders, hedge fund managers, analysts, market technicians, short report publishers, CEO’s and much more.

The Friendly Bear

David Capablanca @reverse_long

The Friendly Bear Podcast™ is a weekly show that focuses on interviewing some of the best traders in the world from different niches. Listeners will be able to take show insights and apply these nuggets of information to their own strategies. In addition to interviewing top traders from around the world, The Friendly Bear Podcast™ also features guests such as market insiders, professionals and unique players in the trading space.

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